How To Properly Market and Promote Your Music

By Karlton Jones

How To Properly Market and Promote Your Music

Hi everyone,  I hope you have been doing good and staying safe.  I always like to teach others about things I've learned to be a successful musician and I hope it inspires them to be successful too. Several years ago I read an amazing book titled "The new rules of marketing and PR" by David Meerman Scott. This is a great book that I highly recommend. Below are my personal notes from reading this book and I follow these notes to properly market and promote my music.  I hope you find this information useful. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Be blessed my friends!

1. Have a web site with great content that educates your market. Also have beautiful pictures.

2. Seek the help of an expert for the content on your website. Get down to the essence of what your product solves and write good stories about that and publish them online.

3. Target and Contact the plugged-in most influential niche bloggers , online news sites , micro publications , public speakers , consultants and analyst who reach the targeted audiences who look for what you have to offer.  Try to get them to tell your story to your niche market. This works better when you try to build a relationship with them first.

4. Try to drive people to purchase your music by providing great online content. 

5. Research on what people are searching on google for your type of niche and craft the content on your website based on your research.   Offer content that is valuable and will be ranked high on search engines

6. Develop information your buyers want to consume.  Build content specifically for your niches audience.

7. On your website make sure on every page you have a link for free content and also paid products 

8.  When people register on your website for a free offer make sure to add them to your email list for significant new content at offers. Email the customer make sure you rarely contain sales pitches but instead provide valuable educational content to drive more sales

9. Think like a publisher and ask yourself these questions who are my readers , how do I reach them , what are their problems , how I can help them and entertain them at the same time . Make content that will compelled them to purchase what you have to offer.

10. Find influencers on Instagram and see if they would be willing to post your album artwork and tell their audience about your music or product.  Offer them hype for their page and an exclusive copy of your music or product.

11. Use tumblr to find your niche bloggers and write a blog yourself.

12. Create a facebook group about your music or product. 

13. Your best customers participate in online forums and so should you as the vendor.

14. Use prweb and prmatchpoint for press releases

15. Write down your marketing and PR goals 

  •        Chart to #1 on iTunes and be featured
  •        Chart to #1 on Apple Music
  •        Increase music sales by 75% and earn $4,000 month 
  •       Get the top niche bloggers to write about you
  •       Generate discussion about your music on all major niche forums and message boards
  •       Get 1,000 email subscribers to your website within 1 month of implementing this marketing and PR strategy

16. Learn as much about your buyers aka buyer personas as possible and put content on your website that solves their problems and drive sales this way.

17. Interview your buyer personas to learn about them their interest and media they interact with and reach them through this media

A buyer persona profile on your web site is a short bio of the buyer you're trying to reach

18. Completely fill out a marketing and pr strategy template

19. Make sure your website is mobile phone optimized and friendly 

20. Also post to google plus your blogs, new pictures, and videos for search engine optimization and marketing 

21. Create a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for your music videos and offer great packages for those that give $1.00 you get the EP, $5 get the EP and autograph copy, $10 get the EP autograph and etc etc.   share your campaign on social mediation.  Make it a 30 day campaign 

22. Ask yourself where are the members of your buyer personas and only be a member of these forums/message boards 

23. Comment on other people blogs in your niche market and leave a link to your blog to gain more traffic to your blog

24. Develop a pre release strategy.  Whenever you are doing anything with your music get a release written.



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